Predicting Result of Every Single Game on New York Jets' 2024 Schedule (2024)

The New York Jets are preparing for the start of training camp. Football season is almost back and so is superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Heading into the year, the Jets are being hyped up as a potential sleeper Super Bowl contender. They are back to receiving the same hype that they received at this same time in 2023. However, it will require Rodgers getting back to his pre-injury form before tearing his Achilles on the first offensive drive of the 2024 season.

Joe Douglas and the front office did not play around this offseason. They went out and acquired as much talent as they could to put the team in a position to contend.

Among the notable additions were Mike Williams, Haason Reddick, Javon Kinlaw, Tyron Smith, and a great group of rookies from the 2024 NFL draft.

All of that being said, let's dive in and take a look at a short and sweet prediction for every single game on the 2024 schedule for New York.

Week 1 at San Francisco 49ers - Loss, 31-24

Going up against the 49ers on Monday Night Football is going to be a very tough test to start the season. While they're going to lose the season opener, they'll do so in respectful fashion and will prove that they have major talent.

Week 2 at Tennessee Titans - Win, 34-20

In Week 2, the Jets will pick up their first win of the season. Rodgers and company will have too much offense and the defense will make things difficult on Will Levis.

Week 3 vs. New England Patriots - Win, 28-17

Moving to 2-1 on the season, New York will take care of business against its AFC East division rival. The Patriots are in the middle of a rebuild and simply won't be a match for the talented Jets.

Week 4 vs. Denver Broncos - Win, 24-21

After an incredibly hard-fought game from start to finish, New York will come out victorious to improve to 3-1. Rodgers, playing with an extra chip on his shoulder due to his icy relationship with Sean Payton, will power his team to a win late in the game.

Week 5 vs. Minnesota Vikings - Win, 28-14

Starting off the season with a 4-1 record is a scenario that the Jets would love to find themselves in. While the Vikings are not a bad team, Sam Darnold won't have enough answers against the elite New York defense.

Week 6 vs. Buffalo Bills - Loss, 27-21

The second loss of the season will come in Week 6 against the Josh Allen-led Bills. Buffalo may have gone through a lot of changes this offseason, but they'll take this one on the road.

Week 7 at Pittsburgh Steelers - Win, 28-24

Going up against Mike Tomlin is never an easy task. That will be the case once again in this matchup. While the game will be close thorughout its entirety, the Jets will make a couple of winning plays down the stretch to pull out the win and move to 5-2 on the year.

Week 8 at New England Patriots - Win, 35-20

Not much will change from the first meeting between these two teams. New York is simply a much better team. With the win, they'll sit at 6-2 through the first eight games of the year.

Week 9 vs. Houston Texans - Loss, 42-30

C.J. Stroud is going to put on a show in this matchup and will be too much for the Jets to overcome. While it will be an entertaining game to watch, New York will drop to 6-3.

Week 10 at Arizona Cardinals - Win, 31-20

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals are not a team to take lightly this season. While Arizona will remain competitive, the Jets are the better team and will pull out the win.

Week 11 vs. Indianapolis Colts - Win, 35-28 in Overtime

These two teams are going to play one of the best games of the season. New York and the Colts will end up going into overtime, but Rodgers will make the necessary plays to win the game. The Jets will sit at 8-3 following this win.

Week 12 - Bye Week

Week 13 vs. Seattle Seahawks - Win, 28-24

Coming out of the bye week, New York will face a tough test from the Seahawks. Geno Smith and company will give them a scare, but the Jets will get the win when all is said and done.

Week 14 at Miami Dolphins - Loss, 31-17

Heading to Miami to face off against the Dolphins' electric offense will end up resulting in the worst game of the season so far. New York will suffer a tough loss and drop to 9-4.

Week 15 at Jacksonville Jaguars - Win, 27-20

With the stretch run of the season underway, the Jets will bounce back from their loss to the Miami. Behind another big-time performance, New York will pick up the win and improve to 10-4.

Week 16 vs. Los Angeles Rams - Win, 30-20

Another late-season win will put the Jets in a great position when looking at the playoffs. The Rams will put up a fight, but it won't be nearly enough to beat New York.

Week 17 at Buffalo Bills - Loss, 35-24

Buffalo will complete the season sweep over the Jets. This game could have major division ramifications and will be a tough loss to swallow. New York will sit with an 11-5 record entering the final week of the season.

Week 18 vs. Miami Dolphins, Win 31-30

To end the regular season, the Jets will pull off a nail-biter against the Dolphins. They will head into the playoffs on a high note and end their regular season with a successful 12-5 record.

Predicting Result of Every Single Game on New York Jets' 2024 Schedule (2024)


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