Kakashi Hatake Boyfriend Scenarios - Kakashi and Team 7 Throws You A Surprise Birthday/ You See Tsunade Again (2024)


[Lolol, where is the real power Sakura?] [This is a requested chapter by@PrincessBlue245 I wanted to do this chapter before the other chapter, cause this is gonna be a long chapter, well... I plan it to be. Sooo go and follow her, and tell her happy early birthday, or you can tell her happy birthday on September 25th!! Happy early birthday!!!! Oh and thank you for letting me change up the story/title, don't forget to follow her!!!] [Edited 9/28/17 all I did was fix the ages, cause apparentlyin the original Naruto, cause I'm a stupid dumbass Kakashi was around 26-27, so in this your turning 22]

[Kakashi POV]

We're back from vacation, and (Y/N)'s birthday will be tomorrow. I also found out that we have a new Hokage, Lady Tsunade. Freaky strong. I sighed, as Shi and Junior were resting up after the trip. I was currently thinking of something to do for (Y/N)... Sexy party? Nah, she won't be ready for it. Too surprising... Surprising? Birthday? SURPRISE BIRTHDAY! That's it! "(Y/N), I'm leaving." I said peeking into the bedroom, she was asleep with Junior and Shi laying on top of her. I smiled softly, and got ready to go. I left the apartment, locking the door behind me and I rushed towards the training area, where I was gonna meet, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. I got there quickly.

They was there arguing... Already. I sighed, I don't have time for this. "Hey! Stop fighting!" I shouted, they all looked at me. "Yes, Kakashi-sensei!" They shouted back,as they sent each other their last glares and paid attention to me. "I called y'all here, to discuss (Y/N)'s birthday tomorrow." I said, cue Naruto being all lovey-dovey. "Aw~! My true love is finally having a birthday~! I wish I can say happy birthday... Privately." He says wiggling his eyebrows. Jiriya has effected him too much. I sighed, "Anyways... I want to throw her a surprise birthday, and it's y'alls jobs to help organize it." I said, they all nodded in agreement... Well Naruto grinned excited for this.

"Okay. Naruto since your good with people, I'll like you to invite as many people that you know or that (Y/N) knows. Sasuke help get presents, and some traditional Uchiha food, and Sakura you can get decorations, now I hope y'all can do this successfully if you do, a whole week without training." I said, they all nodded and went off their separate ways. Now, I gotta find (Y/N) the perfect gift.

I headed off towards the weaponry, to find a new kunai or maybe a sword? No, I think a kunai is more suitable, she likes how they are easier to carry around.

I looked around for the perfect one, but I couldn't find one. I groaned, and desperately looked around until I noticed one, I picked it up. It looked brand new, it was shiny, gray, and it some graved in it. It was pretty small, I looked closer, and noticed that it said, "Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family." I smiled to myself, and immediately bought it. I then quickly headed home, I quietly headed inside, and checked if (Y/N) was still asleep. I sighed happily, that she was.

I then headed over to the dresser, and on top laid a bunch of pictures. I looked around them, scrambling them in the process and I found a picture. One was from vacation, me, (Y/N), Shi, and Junior took a picture together. I smiled and looked around for an extra frame, (Y/N) didn't know I had this picture, so I wanted to surprise her with it. I found a frame, and then framed the picture. I then wrapped the kunai up also, and I had Naruto come pick it up.

I sighed, tired and laid down next to (Y/N). I hope her birthday goes well.

[Next Day]

I was so excited, I was already ready for the surprise party. (Y/N) was sitting in the living room with Shi and Junior. I sighed, as I looked at the time. It was almost time to go, I had (Y/N) dress nicely also today, she looks so beautiful. I smiled, and leaned over the couch kissing her cheek. She giggled, "Your pretty affectionate today, Kakashi~." She cooed. I smiled, "It is your birthday." I said. "Your not upset I'm turning twenty-two?" She asked. I shook my head, "I'm gonna turn twenty-seven soon, it doesn't matter to me." I said and sent her a closed eyed smile,and I put my mask on.

Kakashi Hatake Boyfriend Scenarios - Kakashi and Team 7 Throws You A Surprise Birthday/ You See Tsunade Again (2024)


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